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The Liberty Belles is proud to have the following quartets associated with our chorus.  We endorse all of them as excellent singers and entertainers, suitable for any occasion...

No Rush

No Rush

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No Rush
“No Rush” is our newest quartet, formed in 2019. They enjoy performing a blend of old jazz & swing standards, broadway hits, and vintage chart toppers. The name of their quartet matches their desire to slow down and enjoy the moments that fill life with lingering memories and enchanting melodies. 
No Rush members...
Lead:Sara Dahl
Bass:Nancy Weisbein
Baritone:Lisa Traxler
Tenor:Kristina Thompson
General public contact: Nancy Weisbein
State: PA


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Porchlight loves to sing nostalgic tunes that transport their audience to a time and place that warms the heart. They got together by chance while searching for a group to compete with in their chapter’s Novice Quartet contest. They just happened to end up together and loved the sound!  They’ve been having a great time singing together ever since.

When they formed their quartet in 2019, they all agreed the name “Porchlight” felt warm and welcoming, like when someone leaves the light on for you and is waiting for you to walk in the door.

They made their debut at the annual Spring Show with The Liberty Belles and The North Pennsmen, and have continued performing together during Liberty Belles gigs around town. They look forward to competing for the first time time next Fall at the Harmony Inc. International Convention. Wish them luck!

Porchlight members...
Lead:Daisy Babikian
Bass:Linda Franco
Baritone:Bonita Grady
Tenor:Veronica Lauer
General public contact: 215-260-5518
State: PA

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