Membership Award

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2019 recipients

Carol Luehrs
Erin Mulder
Sarah Thorne-Miller

Noteworthy Belle Award


Awarded to Carol Luehrs, Erin Mulder, Sarah Thorne-Miller

2019 for the first time ever, we had a 3 way tie. 

Each of these members went above and beyond their call of duty.
*Carol Luehrs - Sunshine Committee for the past 4 years
*Erin Mulder - Bass section leader extraordinaire and quartet corner promoter
*Sarah Thorne-Miller - President of the Liberty Belles 2017-2018, Marketing Coordinator since 2016 and Convention and Contest Coordinator

Past Recipients include:
2018 - Lisa Traxler
2017 - Sarah Thorne-Miller
2016 - Mary Buler
2015 - Nancy Morris

Criteria for Noteworthy Belle Award

Every year a Belle is recognized by chapter members for her dedication and exemplary actions for the Chorus. This Belle will meet the following criteria:

- Member in good standing who has been a member for at least 1 year
- Active and involved chapter member - excellent chorus attendance and punctuality (work-related attendance not withstanding)
- Shows willingness and enthusiasm to serve on committees/Board of Directors
- Encourages improvement and has instituted positive changes
- Performs her responsibilities consistently and is reliable
- Performs her responsibilities without supervision
- Goes the extra mile to help the chapter/quartets/area/community
- Available to help others (coaching, teaching, serving as officer of thechapter/area/international)
- Encourages individuals (new members and current members)
- Embodies the spirit of Harmony, Inc. (role model, lives the Creed)

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