Meet Sharp Turn!20180209 190328

Sharp Turn began singing together in late Janaury 2018 and are busy preparing to sing on their first show with the North Pennsmen and the Liberty Belles on April 20-21, 2018.  They will also be competing for the first time at the Area 3 contest and convention in Binghamton NY in May.


Meet Monica Walsh (Baritone)

Monica comes from a family of singers and performers! This is Monica's 3rd quartet and she is LOVING it!


Meet Linda Franco (Bass)

Linda has been involved in music, of all kinds, since she was a tot and loves singing harmony. She has a naturally rich low tone that fills those bass notes in our ensemble.


Meet Ellen Stemler (Tenor)

Ellen sings LEAD in the Liberty Belles and just loves ringing those chords in her new quartet.  


Meet Anne Bureau (Lead)

Anne also has been singing most of her life. She sang Bariotone in the 1993 Harmony Inc International Quartet Champs Sprectrum and is enjoying singing lead with her new quartet mates!


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